Anonymous 04/21/2017 (Fri) 08:09:50 No. 19688 del
>make it simpler so even I can understand
>waaah non-sequiturs
>but my africa niggers were 100% on point

Jesus christ learn to connect a fucking dot to another. Greentext is greentext, but here you go getting triggered and crying over me following your lead into using vague hyperbole to exemplify a point, like it's some kind of a special privilege only for you to win petty arguments with. Go be a woman somewhere else. This is why you can only ever understand left and right like they were directions on the compass, if you want to find something from your right you'll just go right even if you must circumvent the whole equator. Political right and left are called that because of specific historical reasons, not because you jack dicks with your right hand and hold a wallet in your left.