Anonymous 04/21/2017 (Fri) 07:32:43 No. 19686 del
>Yeah because Slutwalks aren't a thing in most of Western Europe. And because STDs skyrocketing in poor Slav countries certainly isn't a thing amirite?
Yeah dude western europe is actually america 100%, no differences.
>I guess Internet Piracy causes Global Warming and increased Shark Attacks. Gee whiz man, you're a rocket scientist bro!
Nice strawman lmao. funny how you start spouting ad homs after you've been blown the fuck out twice in 1 single sentence, for ignorance and lack of an argument
>You forgot the part where alimony and shared good are not a thing in Japan.
what does that have to do with anything? are you going for the guiness world record for non-sequiturs?
>So are you going to start defending niggers raping babies and virgin women to cure their AIDs any time soon among other fucked up shit out there? Or are you just shitposting? You're in /AM/ you can just come clean and admit it, or possibly even save face from your own faggotry plust stupidity...
someone sure sounds salty ~ afu-fu-fu. but you shouldn't be projecting your fetishes onto others. but anyway re-read the thread and reply when you have an actual coherent non-sequitur argument (I won't hold my breath)
>By whose standards and metrics, yours? Because you have not defined those standards and metrics. All while lambasting cultural objectivity and trying to claim cultural relativity is not bullshit.
>lambasting cultural objectivity
so you've no reading comprehension at all, considering that I've been doing the opposite. but then why do you persist in showing everyone how wrong you are, if you can't even read? gee, dont they teach monkeys how to read first before giving them a computer?