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(118.76 KB 1080x1231 1476928067728.jpg)
(118.13 MB 8chan.7z)
Part 1/? ##2itToi 04/04/2017 (Tue) 07:36:21 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

sha256: 8a38f7e147f5c49e4b898m8ecdb90bf81697a0a941a9a6e0d9328c9afb548c175

Part 2 >>50 (*config)
Part 3 >>124 (mods)
Part 4 >>156 (pms)
Part 5 >>205 (/b/ vols)
Part 6 >>348 (globals)
Edited last time by CNnvenWKK on 04/10/2017 (Mon) 01:07:51.
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Defender 05/15/2017 (Mon) 22:49:40 [Preview] No. 499 del
He hashes all new IP addresses, and removed all old IP addresses. Except that he forgot to remove the IP addresses from the board logs.

That would have been possible, before OpenIB, but I haven't seen anything that indicates they did that. It's not how Sunshine worked.

Defender 07/03/2017 (Mon) 04:05:42 [Preview] No. 512 del
*points to username* hey look that's me!

What the benis? What the benis? 08/02/2017 (Wed) 07:40:39 [Preview] No. 519 del
What the benis?

Mangosteen (Мангустин) Сироп Для Похудения Купить В Саратове DwayneEscab 10/05/2017 (Thu) 11:19:31 [Preview] No. 521 del
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[b]Официальный сайт:[/b] http://mangystin.bxox.info

Defender 01/16/2018 (Tue) 14:29:47 [Preview] No.527 del
still no pass to this day, ffs

(114.85 KB 470x600 born to botnet (2).png)
me the BO Defender Board owner 06/05/2017 (Mon) 19:41:49 [Preview] No. 500 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'd like to give it back to ##2itToi because I really admired his work, this is an important board and I will give it back at the old owner's request.
Please post ITT with your tripcode and e-mail your endchan username to endchan@redchan.it when you'd like to reclaim your board.

For the moment, I'll just preserve the board and will probably archive everything you've put up here.
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Defender Board owner 06/25/2017 (Sun) 00:43:31 [Preview] No. 509 del
Thank you for posting here, my offer still and always will stand if you want this board back for any purpose. You know my e-mail and I know yours, don' hesitate o contact me if you want this board back. Thank you for exposing 8ch, I doubt it will get better there tbh.

Defender 07/13/2017 (Thu) 11:48:46 [Preview] No. 513 del
>Either way, if you need something else you can message me
Is this offer open to anyone or just the BO?
If we contact you do we have to use the public key?

##2itToi 07/15/2017 (Sat) 10:56:46 [Preview] No. 514 del
>Is this offer open to anyone or just the BO?
>If we contact you do we have to use the public key?
Preferably. Torbox is using a vulnerable version of SquirrelMail which potentially allows anyone to have access to the database.
So keep that in mind if you don't want to encrypt the messages.

Defender 07/19/2017 (Wed) 13:50:37 [Preview] No. 515 del
Can you recommend an email client other than Torbox that communicates with Torbox? In my experience with it for the last few months it's becoming increasingly unreliable.

Defender 07/20/2017 (Thu) 11:51:33 [Preview] No. 516 del
Toxbox itself is still probably the best alternative.
They have a list of compatible relays at http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion/relay-en.php but it seems to be outdated.

Fuck this faggot Defender 02/10/2018 (Sat) 16:03:06 [Preview] No. 531 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
This piece of shit cheats on his pregnant wife. Has two kids at home, but spends his time out at the bar or in hotel rooms with his work assistant. Fuck this faggot

Mike Josephson

Home Address:

His home phone number is 704-765-1867
His wife phone number is 704-740-6279
His work phone number is (888) 274-9365


Defender 02/10/2018 (Sat) 16:26:39 [Preview] No.532 del
8chan sucks and will be crushed it will be gone from the web.

Dudes (((fucking around?))) on their sexy preggers lady, tho, is a natural thing and still, fucking even people like you, get born.

Defender 04/05/2017 (Wed) 19:02:56 [Preview] No. 63 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
how do i get a gf

Defender 02/04/2018 (Sun) 17:58:10 [Preview] No.530 del
it's like you should say invide girl u like and stuff mah

(36.17 KB 880x616 PLEASE.jpg)
Bitch/fagg gif thread Defender 02/04/2018 (Sun) 17:54:01 [Preview] No. 529 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
hey guys do you havce some gifs with people saying FUCK YOU BITCH or FUCK YOU FAGGOT?
Post please

(66.81 KB 640x427 1453164375264.jpg)
Defender 04/09/2017 (Sun) 03:58:48 [Preview] No. 219 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Treat your users better next time
>hurts the users more than the people that hurt them

What a joke.

Defender 04/09/2017 (Sun) 04:18:49 [Preview] No. 224 del
No need to be upset, dysnomia.
Just think twice before blindly following whatever Jim says in the future.

Defender 04/09/2017 (Sun) 07:24:20 [Preview] No. 244 del
It's time to doxx or hack the hacker.

Defender 11/03/2017 (Fri) 20:04:55 [Preview] No. 526 del

Anyone been in touch? Defender 10/12/2017 (Thu) 20:58:41 [Preview] No. 522 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Has anyone been in touch with 2itToi since their last post? Weirdly silent.

Defender 10/12/2017 (Thu) 21:45:38 [Preview] No. 523 del
This is his torbox 2ittoi@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion

Defender 10/17/2017 (Tue) 02:17:40 [Preview] No. 524 del
I know, I was just curious if anyone had managed to contact them or if they'd made their presence known on any other boards. My messages keep bouncing back regardless of who I send them to.

Defender 10/20/2017 (Fri) 15:17:50 [Preview] No. 525 del
it sounds like you don't know how to use torbox or aren't using torbox at all. You can't reach it with standard email services

(10.06 KB 480x360 Fitz.jpg)
Defender 06/17/2017 (Sat) 01:16:08 [Preview] No. 503 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Does any one have a webm saved of Dysomnia saying "I love nigger dicks?"
Also where did all the good people go? Seems like you would need a pretty noticeable user base for an 8chan successor, the two mini exoduses being recent.
Was it Librechan?
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Defender 06/24/2017 (Sat) 01:17:25 [Preview] No. 508 del
Which one's?

Defender 06/29/2017 (Thu) 06:34:22 [Preview] No. 510 del
Oh btw the new place is 32chan for now.
Come by anytime. https://32ch.org/

Defender 06/30/2017 (Fri) 05:03:00 [Preview] No. 511 del
There is no official domain yet.

Defender 07/21/2017 (Fri) 16:35:20 [Preview] No. 517 del
Never mind. That was a massive waste of time.

Defender 07/21/2017 (Fri) 16:37:28 [Preview] No. 518 del
lainchan.org is rulecucked, lainchan.jp is where to go

Defender 04/04/2017 (Tue) 11:18:56 [Preview] No. 18 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Around October last year when it was believed that Assange was missing there were several posts that were deleted in the Assange threads.

Some people alleged that these were the keys.

Can you see anything in your database on this?
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Defender 04/15/2017 (Sat) 00:14:51 [Preview] No. 429 del
Not sure which /pol/ he's talking about but it might be what you're looking for.

Key Dump
eta numeris 392D8A3EEA2527D6AD8B1EBBAB6AD
sin topper D6C4C5CC97F9CB8849D9914E516F9
project runway 847D8D6EA4EDD8583D4A7DC3DEEAE
7FG final request 831CF9C1C534ECDAE63E2C8783EB9
fall of cassandra 2B6DAE482AEDE5BAC99B7D47ABDB3

Defender 04/15/2017 (Sat) 00:27:29 [Preview] No. 430 del
The topic was very fringe even for most tinfoilhats, most ppl thought it was just some LARPers. Threads kept getting deleted so people went to small sites like lainchan.
It was said that if you posted the real keys you'd get XKeyscored aka your internet would be shut down and the people who claimed to have found keys in the blockchain were reluctant to post. One user claimed to have extracted a file but refused to give evidence.

Found some old threads that were not deleted however:

Defender 04/15/2017 (Sat) 00:27:55 [Preview] No. 431 del

Defender 04/15/2017 (Sat) 00:34:02 [Preview] No. 433 del
Man I'm such a newfag. To top it off, have another reddit link:
https: //www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/5dqufl/blockchain_experts_the_world_needs_your_help_the/