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Tribute thread

My days on 8chan during the Golden Age of /int/ and then 76chan were the most fun I've ever had on the internet. It's such a shame that everything has fallen apart and everyone has disbanded.

Use this thread to talk about the good times.

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At the top is Mio. She is the coolest in the band, she has an awesome voice and she seems pretty chill to hang around with. All in all she has the platonic qualities that suit me well in a partner while still being someone enough like me so I could be friends with her. She is also super cute. Then there is Azusa. She is cute but her personality would get on my nerves from a waifu perspective. I can't handle people who take life to seriously. She's pretty cool though. Then there's Ritsu. She's cool but seems like a lot of energy. She likes to mess around and all of that and I like that in a person. She's platonic tier, but relationship? eh. Yui. What else can I say? She's cute and cool but at the end of the day I'd be her carer. I don't want that. Tsumugi. She's the kind of rich I don't mind. Chill, relaxed and all over cool. Awesome personality. Would be friends with/10. She is super kawaii desu ne~ forgive me it was a joke but, again, a platonic thing. I'd like to be friends with her very much. Obviously the rest of the cast aren't up in the top five, but it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, and all who disagree with me are fucking normies.

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slovborg pill 2017 appears to be coming along nicely
i may very well have a cute shy black gf within a couple months

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Wtf is this board? /sp/ gay mode?

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>everyone is gone and now someone is posting shitty porn
this is the worst timeline. Where did everybody go?

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Patience j nude iCloud leak

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I'd go ahead and create a /bonzi/ board on 32ch, but I'm not sure if anyone is interested.

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bonzi music thread [Embed]

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The dog pictures are even nastier really it was her and a pit bull. She was on a couch and the dog stood on the couch too. The first few showed the dog on its back with her rubbing its red rocket it's about 3-4 inches in length or so. She rubs on it and then eventually starts to suck on it and the dog looked content just laying there. After A few pics like that she gets on the floor and kneels down on her hands and knees and the dog comes down and eventually mounts her doggy style. She has trouble getting the dog into position but finally gets it inside her and the dog starts doing what it does and thrusting 100 times a second (short video in the file) after a few pictures like this she gets pillows from thecouch and Lays on her back then puts the pillows under her ass so she's in a position to face the dog high enough also for the dog to mount her. The dog gets mounted back in the new position and after a few try's gets back inside her. Thrusting fast and hard the dog finally stops and appears stuck inside her pussy. They are stuck like this for awhile the dogs cock is 4 times as big as it was and she can't get it out of her cunt. There's cum leaking into a puddle from between the huge ball like dick and her pussy, she is uncomfortable because her face shows pure pain and pleasure. Finally the dog thrusts a few times then finally pulls out and as he does there's a gush of yellow/white thick goo that falls out of her. She gets her 200ml syringe and sucks up the 2 puddles of liquid and then shoves the syringe in her pussy and sticks it in all the way and injects her womb with the dogs cum yet again. She lets it drip out of her into a bowl where she then sucks it back up and then shoves it in her ass and slowly injects it into her intestines. She lets the dog lick it's cum off her cunt and that's where the pics stop

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Hello and welcome to the special autism bunker. We are a comfy discord server that's main aim is to socialize and watch movies together. We are currently looking for more members to raise activity. We welcome all members banned or not from different servers as long as you follow our rules.

If you have any idea on how we can improve our server or channels, we greatly appreciate it if you DM one of the mods or server owner, thanks for reading.

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what went wrong?

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Im shilling >>>/endpol/ since this board is this

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She's such a sexy bitch

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RIP in peace /comfy/

I didn't visit 76chan much, but I did like the cozy shit. Looks like it aint coming back. Comfy thread?

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What's going on with 76chan? It's been a few months since it went down, and nothing has happened, nor have I heard anything from neither Megamilk or Dudeman.

I hope it comes back online, I really do love this place.

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Looking to Revenge my cheating ex with revenge porn. Can you guys point me to the right board, or the right site? I need vicious trolls.

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I tried to go to 76/sp/ recently to get information on an upcoming NBA finals game and found it was gone! Now I come here and find that the entire community is dead!


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hey 76chan guys come hang out with us on our dead board:

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rip 76gag
just remember, all 76gaggers are friends among the herde

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let's start a decadent britain heritage thread here

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Where are the flags?

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>76chan returns but this time without /sp/iggers
where did everything go so right?

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What happened to 76chan? Is ddudeman back? Why did the site go down?

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What happened to 76chan?
Is there a new owner?
Is the new 76chan a honeypot?
I need answers

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Goodnight /76/

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Goodnight /76/

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What was that imageboard that chilean invited us to again?

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Anyone expecting a film stream on saturday? If yes I should probably start planning tomorrow heh

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thursday [Embed]&ab_channel=RTUK

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Hello I am the admin of goatfinger. AMA.

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So the true face of Wadina...
It's more beautiful than I ever imagined

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This will be 76chan until I can setup the server again. Endchan seems like a nice host too.

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Hey megamilk it's dddudeman please email me at

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

W H A T C O U L D I T B E ? ? ?

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Goodnight /76/

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420 blaze it

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thursday [Embed]

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Press F to pay respects

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>shit :D
>shitballs :D

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the linguistic situation of the irish language would be quite amusing if it was fully revived
hiberno-english would be a substratum of the irish language, but hiberno english has irish as a substratum. it would be an endless loop of strati.

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/int*/ wins again

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I blame the jews for this.

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>8chan gets pwnt
>76chan's hosting provider was a faggot

What the fuck is going on?

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Goodnight /76/

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Goodnight /76/

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Where's the new espe?

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hello where are the memes?

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Webm thread

Just to kick things of