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>>/sp/116445 Not sure about that touchdown call but okay hey this games fun fuck it.
>>/sp/116444 Dugs memeing up in this bitch.
>>/sp/116443 dugs touchdonger
>>/sp/116442 >>116441 Its all good I'm always searching when I don't have sports to watch. Only other thing I watch is old movies. Watching
>>/sp/116441 >>116431 Always 1 crazy late night pac 12 game every week
>>/sp/116439 Ducks ran out of memes when chip kelly left.
>>/sp/116438 >>116436 cool mang, definitely check out the guy's channel above >>116435 he's like the amateur "dog whisperer" of parrots, real
>>/sp/116437 >>116435 Great link thank you man.
>>/sp/116436 >>116433 Yeah I'm considering it as soon as I move into my own house which I'll do soonish. Also contacted a private breeder. Do

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