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>>/sp/166658 >>166651 pirate it. the money goes right to todd's shekel storage, they jewed black isle out of the rights to the franchise by f
>>/sp/166657 >>166655 >shaddap old man, this is the way of the future >*spins fidget spinner*
>>/sp/166656 Foles gonna take the iggles all da way
>>/librejp/105240 >>105238 ぬぁああああああああああああ
>>/sp/166655 >>166651 >greentexting blogposts
>>/sp/166654 This guy might have topped my mugshot https://t.co/D6EZjr7Arj
>>/sp/166653 >>166651 didn't mean to greentext
>>/sp/166652 [code]Ordered By Hours Left: https://8ch.net/asmr/ 80000 | 74 Posts Left | 12 PPH | 145 PPD | 8 H
>>/sp/166651 >>166647 >looks like fallout 2 is $10 on steam, I'll probably give it whirl.
>>/sp/166650 fuck with the rams and go out for the season. get fucked iggles.

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