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>>/sp/81884 [code]Ordered By Hours Left: https://8ch.net/newsplus/ 111111 | 75 Posts Left | 5 PPH | 193 PPD | 11 H
>>/librejp/95102 メシ欲しいんぬ…
>>/librejp/95101 さて どこまで下がるだろうか・・・
>>/kc/9645 >>9644 Well szent was adopted from latin sanctus so it must be similar to Spanish santa or whatever they have. >Catholicism used
>>/kc/9644 >>9643 Ahhh, yeah, Spanish is like that as well. Makes sense. Catholicism used to be so cool.
>>/kc/9643 >>9642 Jobb literally means right (as oppositon of left). Szent can mean saint and holy both in this case probably the holy is t
>>/kc/9642 >>9640 >szentjobb is that saint job? shouldn't his hand not be rotting?
>>/librejp/95100 >骨太なかんじの和楽器ロックがききたいな… むう こうゆうのかのう https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwm9bB2Awvc 杵屋裕光 -『稲妻』
>>/librejp/95099 Skyrimで英語の聞き取りがある程度出来るようになったぞ俺 …あのゲーム日本語だけだと何を言ってるのか分からなくなることが多いぞ

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