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>>/kc/3682 >>3616 You might care if you are muslim or polish immigrant.
>>/pol/35439 >>35398 Well, the Phoenicians invented the first alphabet. The Phoenicians weren't Jews, but apparently there was some genetic
>>/pol/35438 >>35375 >CHRISTIANITY IS A JEW PONZI SCHEME Literally. Christianity started as a Jewish financial scam by a Jewish rabbi (Paul
>>/pol/35437 >>35424 >1 Thessalonians 2:14-15 Well known post-Pauline interpolation.
>>/v/10310 http://www.syac-businesscentre.co.uk/component/k2/itemlist/user/251737 На андроид карты на майнкрафт http://fathom.asburyumcma
>>/pol/35436 >>35399 blart is probably on cripple/chan/ under different personas/gimmicks.
>>/kc/3681 >>3677 People dying? Explain.
>>/pol/35435 >>35379 >I don't understand the Blart reference. Sure you don't, blart.
>>/kc/3680 >>3446 >55 It's full of 4chan-minded normalfags now.
>>/pol/35434 >>35433 >you lost your credit and exposed yourself as a rather simple minded shill right away by ignoring the fact that most ash

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